With business development as the foundation, high efficiency and standardized management as the purpose, the Group continuously optimizes the management of business unit functions, promotes standardization construction, and enhances the organization and control capabilities. We adhere to the digital development concept of “intelligently creating the future” and gradually implemented smart operations, which improved operational management and control capabilities, as well as promoted industry innovation, resulting in a double win.

A sound risk prevention and control system lays the foundation for our long-term stable operation. The Group formed a closed-loop mechanism, which is continuously monitored and regularly reviewed by Board of Directors, and independently assessed by the Audit and Supervision Center, to ensure the internal control system is compliant and effective in the long term.

Upholding the code of ethics and industry standards, the Group strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations such as the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China (《中華人民共和國反不正當競爭法》) and Anti-Money Laundering Law of the People’s Republic of China (《中華人民共和國反洗錢法》), and has put in place the Anti-fraud Management Regulation (《反舞弊管理制度》), Supervision and Audit Regulation (《監察審計製度》), Measures for the Administration of Rewards and Punishments in Auditing and Supervision (《審計監察獎懲管理辦法》) and Prohibitive Provisions of the Group (《集團禁止性規定》), which standardize the work procedures of audit and supervision and prohibit misconducts such as abusing power for personal gains, striving to create a clean and upright working environment.


Based on its environmental and safety responsibilities, the Group implemented comprehensive safety and environmental management and system improvement, strictly implemented safety production responsibilities, continued to make efforts to tackle with climate change and prevent and control pollution, and strengthened key project supervision and key risk control, assisting its own high-quality and sustainable development.

In order to strengthen the management of safety, environmental protection and occupational health management, the Group has established long-term management mechanism of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). In 2022, to continue consolidating and strengthening institutional construction the Group’s environmental hygiene business has formulated following regulatory documents to continue consolidating and strengthening institutional construction: Guidelines for Safe Operations ( 《 安全行動準則》), Interim Measures for the Management of Dangerous Operations (《危險作業暫行管理辦法》), Management System of Personal Labor Protective Equipment (《個人勞動防護用品管理制度》), and Management System of Production Safety Expenses (《安全生產費用管理制度》). In the hazardous waste treatment business the following regulatory documents were formulated: Hazardous Operations Safety Management Regulations (《危險作業安全管理規定》), Hazard Source Identification and Risk Assessment Management Regulations (《危險源辨識與風險評價管理制度》), Fire Safety Management Regulations (《消防安全管理制度》), Occupational health management regulations (《職業衛生管理制度》), Management Regulations for Environmental Protection Facilities《環保設施管理制度》 ( ), Regulations for Hidden Danger of Soil Pollution (《土壤污染隱患排查制度》). All of which resulted in the standardization of HSE management in project businesses and an effort to improve their capacity for autonomous control.

To effectively protect the safety and health of employees during production and operation activities, we have established a Safety Production Committee(“Safety Committee”), with the Company’s president as the director, the vice president as the deputy director in charge of environmental hygiene and hazardous waste treatment, and the responsible personnel of departments serve as members. Each construction project of the Group establishes an HSE management team led by a project manager and equipped with HSE management personnel, and establishes an HSE responsibility system, an HSE management system and relevant policies to regulate HSE matters at all stages of project construction.


The Group earnestly fulfills its corporate social responsibility. Sticking to the commitment of “reassure the government, satisfy the public, earn profits, benefit our employees, and win together with its partners” and adhering to the principle of “people oriented”, we effectively protect employees’ rights and interests, pay attention to their all-round development, and strive to become an attractive employer and responsible corporate. In addition, we actively participate in public service activities and carry out rural revitalization projects to show our care to the livelihood and give back to the society.