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Shandong Ping Fu Environmental Service Co., Ltd.

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Project overview

The project of industrial solid waste (hazardous waste) disposal center of Shandong Province, located in Binzhou, Shandong Province, is the center of comprehensive hazardous waste disposal based on the State Council's approval of the construction plan for the construction of hazardous waste and medical waste disposal facilities (national letter [2003] 128). The scope of service covers all land and city areas in Shandong province. The ability and scope of the disposal are both in the forefront of the country. The project is an emergency support unit for emergency environmental events in Shandong province. It is equipped with emergency rescue vehicles and emergency rescue equipment. It has set up an emergency rescue team with strict discipline, exquisite business and technical skills. It can deal with sudden environmental incidents quickly, safely and regularly. The project adheres to the business objective of "setting up an environmental protection paradigm and striving to create a first-class industry" and making unremitting efforts for China's environmental protection cause.

Disposal ability

The project mainly deals with the collection, transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes (incineration, physicochemical, sewage treatment, solidification / safe landfill). It covers 38 categories and 425 subcategories in the list of hazardous wastes. It includes an incineration system of 13 thousand tons / a year, a physical and chemical treatment system of 14 thousand and 400 tons / a year, a stabilization / curing system of 38 thousand and 900 tons / a year, a safe landfill (including stable / solidified) for 54 thousand tons / a year.

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