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Gansu Huayi Environmental Protection Technology Service Co., Ltd.

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Project overview

The project is located at the San Chuan Kou Industrial Park, Shi Dong Town, Gaolan County, Lanzhou City, Gansu province. The core team, which is composed of technical, security, production management and other professional senior personnel, has mature discarded and dismantled processing lines of abandoned electrical and electronic products, and can realize the circulation of resources in a systematic, comprehensive, efficient, safe and harmless.

Disposal ability

Dispose of waste electrical and electronic products: TV sets, microcomputers, washing machines, air conditioner, refrigerators. All kinds of waste electrical and electronic products processing capacity 2 million 250 thousand / year, of which TV sets 460 thousand / year; microcomputer 1 million 440 thousand / year; washing machine 200 thousand / year; air conditioner 50 thousand / year; refrigerator 100 thousand / year.

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