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Project overview

The demonstration project of the recycling and utilization of waste electrical and electronic products in Shaanxi is the fourth batch of enterprises in the list of enterprises to deal with the subsidies of the discarded electrical and electronic products disposal fund of the state and dispose of the abandoned electrical and electronic products according to the law. The project is located in Shaanxi resource regeneration Industrial Park, West Zhang Bao Town, Xianyang city of Shaanxi province. It insists on the concept of operation according to law, strictly dismantling discarded electrical appliances in accordance with standard standards, ensuring standard disposal, safety production, stable operation, adherence to the business objectives of "standard, environmental, efficient and pragmatic", for the local and northwest areas Domain customers provide standardized and resourceful disposal services for waste electrical appliances.

Disposal ability

The project has three specialized dismantling workshop buildings and raw material products storeroom that meet the environmental acceptance standards. It has 6 pieces of waste TV, waste air conditioner, waste washing machine, waste computer, waste office electrical appliances, dismantling treatment of small household appliances and broken treatment production line of waste refrigerator, which can be dismantled and used in resources every year. 600 thousand sets of electronic products for abandoning electrical appliances.


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