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Hazardous Waste Treatment Business



Under the hazardous waste treatment business, the Group processes and safely disposes of hazardous waste for industrial companies and medical institutions and charges them waste treatment fees. The Group’s hazardous waste treatment business mainly covers collection, transportation, storage and disposal of wastes such as medical waste and industrial solid waste.


Hazard-free waste disposal aims to eliminate or minimize negative effect that hazardous waste may have on the environment. Landfill and incineration are two of the most common treatment methods for solid hazardous waste. For liquid hazardous waste, common treatment methods include flocculation and purification. Before being disposed of, hazardous waste needs to undergo certain pretreatment methods based on its nature. Common pretreatment methods include physical-chemical and solidification or stabilization.


Among the 46 major categories of hazardous waste under the National Catalog of Hazardous Waste (國家危險廢物名錄), we are able to treat 38 of them.


As at 30 June 2020, the Group had 7 hazardous waste treatment projects in operation and 1 hazardous waste treatment project in trial operation. As of 30 June 2020, treatment facilities of our projects that engaged in hazard-free waste disposal had a total designed treatment capacity of 247,342 tons per annum (31 December 2019: 370,396 tons). Treatment facilities of projects that engaged in recycling and reuse had a total designed treatment capacity of 250,000 tons per annum (31 December 2019: 250,000 tons), as of the same date. As of 30 June 2020, the Group also had 4 projects under construction and 3 projects planned for future construction.