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Project overview

The inter River project, as one of the eight representative projects of the national sanitation and garbage collection and transportation PPP, has been selected by the Ministry of Finance and other twenty ministries and commissions for the third batch of government and social capital cooperation demonstration projects, which are the first environmental sanitation project adopted in the competitive consultation model and the first project containing the TOT operation of the waste landfill site. According to the city government's demand for environmental sanitation service, increase the purchase and renewal of machinery and equipment, increase the machinery and equipment of cleaning and cleaning the road, improve the mechanization level of cleaning and cleaning the road, add the garbage bucket and the living garbage truck, eliminate the two pollution, and realize the closed collection and transportation of the living garbage, and the wisdom will be realized. In the management of environmental sanitation, we should increase the rate of mechanized operation, reduce labor intensity, increase the efficiency of manual operation, and achieve the goal of reducing personnel and increasing efficiency.

service content

The road cleaning and cleaning, garbage collection, cleaning of public toilets and excrement, the operation and management of the transfer station, and the TOT operation project of the first living waste landfill site in the urban area of the city, the village in the city and the surrounding villages.


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