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Environmental sanitation service project in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

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Project overview

"Hohhot" is a Mongolia phonetic translation, meaning "green city". It is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the political, economic, cultural and financial center of the whole region. It is the first urban area of China's ethnic minority autonomous region. It has a long history and strong national customs. It is known as the "Chinese milk capital". In Hohhot, there are two projects in Saihan district and Hui Min District, with a total of 7 million 713 thousand and 75 square meters of operation area, introducing modern enterprise management concept, giving full play to the advantages of technology, management and capital. By increasing the mechanical equipment, optimizing the road cleaning and cleaning process, and improving the mechanization operation rate, a series of measures are taken. The overall improvement of the quality of health in Hohhot, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for the establishment of 70th anniversary Daqing, the establishment of a national civilized city, the twenty-sixth Chinese Golden Chicken Hundred Flowers Film Festival and a series of activities to escort.

service content

Road cleaning and cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, pumping of urban village sewage, winter snow removal shovel, garbage transfer station and public toilets operation management in urban and urban villages.

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