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Project overview

The Chengde project adopts the way of cooperation between government and social capital. Through the reform of the original sanitation management system, the project will accelerate the transformation of the function of the government, realize the separation of the management, optimize the operation and management, create the intelligent sanitation and improve the management level. The operators should be arranged according to the principle of "setting people by stages, fixing posts and determining responsibilities, and maneuvering coordination". Cleaning and cleaning methods are combined with manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning and cleaning, adjusting the mechanized operation structure, optimizing the operation mode, adding professional operation vehicles, improving the mechanized coverage rate, the mechanized coverage rate of over 85%, reducing the strength of manual work, improving the quality and increasing efficiency.

service content

Road cleaning and cleaning, living garbage collection, sanitation and cleaning and maintenance of sanitation facilities, winter snow shovel ice, summer flood control, garbage transfer station management, public toilets cleaning management and facilities maintenance, fecal cleaning, dry river cleaning, various major activities and major holidays, key sanitation guarantee work.

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