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Integrated sanitation project in Xishan District, Kunming

Project overview

Kunming Xishan District Sanitation integration project is the first government and social capital cooperation (PPP) project in Xishan District of Kunming, and it is also the starting point of the integration project of the North control city resource group in Yunnan area.

With the combination of "high pressure scour + machine sweep + artificial rinsing + fast circuit cleaning" combined operation process, the basic facilities such as garbage transfer station and public toilet are upgraded, and the fine cleaning and cleaning, the compaction of garbage collection and the closure of garbage collection and the standardization of the construction of sanitation facilities are actively promoted.

It took the lead in carrying out the garbage classification work in Kunming, and selected three different regions of the government, school and community of Xishan District to carry out the garbage classification pilot work, and put forth a new model of environmental sanitation management and operation in accordance with the development and positioning of the Xishan District.

Service content:

The management of municipal solid waste management, such as cleaning, collecting, transporting and handling services, management of urban environmental sanitation, road washing, cleaning, cleaning, spray and dust, and maintenance and management of public toilet.



Integrated sanitation project in Wuhua District of Kunming

Project overview

Kunming Wuhua district project is the second integrated PPP project of the North control urban resources group in Yunnan. Wuhua district is the center area of Kunming's political, economic and cultural center. The North control city resource group is based on rich city operation experience, advanced management and control operation system, professional technical support team, and the environmental sanitation, green maintenance, river cleaning and so on in Wuhua district.

First, standardize management to improve the overall environmental quality and improve the appearance of the city.

service content

Municipal solid waste management, collection, transportation and treatment services, river management, public green space management, urban environmental sanitation management, road irrigation, cleaning and cleaning, spray dust, public toilet maintenance and management.

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