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Project overview

The comprehensive utilization project of 50 thousand tons of waste plastics belongs to the project of renewable resources processing and utilization in the implementation plan of the "city mineral" demonstration base in Hong Kong country. The project is located at the Port Bridge Industrial Park, Yongchuan Industrial Park, Chongqing. The project adopts the advanced, high-efficiency and high-yield twin screw extruding technology and its supporting facilities. It mainly deals with the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics, such as scrap plastic crushing and cleaning tablets, recycled plastic recycled particles, waste plastic modified particles and so on. Provide high quality plastic raw materials for customers in Chongqing automotive, home appliances, electronics and other industries. We must adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, and strive to promote green development, circular development and low-carbon development, so as to contribute to ecological security.

Construction content

The plastic modified granulating line, waste plastic broken cleaning line, laboratory equipment and auxiliary equipment have been installed in place, and the auxiliary facilities such as environmental protection, fire protection and electric power have been built. The comprehensive utilization of waste plastics has reached 50 thousand tons per year. After the technical transformation, the granulation scale of the new material has reached 30 thousand tons / year.

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