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Guangxi Guigang North control water treatment medical waste treatment Co., Ltd.

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Project overview

The Guangxi Guigang medical waste disposal center is located in Dawei town of Guigang City. It is the only professional item in Guigang City with corresponding operating qualifications and for the centralized transportation, storage and harmless disposal of medical waste produced by more than 500 medical and health institutions in the two counties and cities of the three District of Guigang City. After the project has been put into operation, the harmless and resourceful treatment of medical waste produced by the medical institutions of Guigang City will greatly improve the environmental quality of the city and produce great environmental benefits. At the same time, reduce the spread of disease, promote physical and mental health, and improve the quality of life of citizens. The realization of "beautiful Guigang, beautiful Guangxi, beautiful China" ecological environment aspirations.

Disposal ability

The project has sterilization workshop, boiler room, sewage treatment room, regulating sedimentation tank and auxiliary supporting facilities. The sterilization process of high temperature and high pressure steam was adopted. After treatment, the medical waste is transported to the municipal solid waste power plant for incineration and power generation. The discharged gas is discharged after being treated harmlessly by filtration and adsorption. The construction scale is 5 tons of daily treatment of medical waste.


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