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Golmud green water green mountain Environmental Protection Service Co., Ltd.

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Project overview

The centralized disposal project of Golmud industrial waste residue was the first disposal unit in Qinghai Province in 2018 to obtain the "hazardous waste management license". The project is located in the Gobi desert area 7 kilometers southeast of Golmud City, covering an area of 61 hectares, mainly dealing with (general, dangerous) solid waste collection, storage, disposal (solidification / safe landfill) and so on. It covers 13 categories and 62 subcategories in the list of hazardous wastes. The scope of service covers all land and city areas in Qinghai province. After the implementation of this project, we can fundamentally solve the environmental pollution caused by the waste residue stacking of industrial projects in Golmud, improve the environmental quality and urban appearance, and completely avoid the pollution of the waste residue caused by the waste residue, which pollute the groundwater and enter the river.

Disposal ability

The centralized disposal project of Golmud industrial waste residue can be divided into two parts: waste residue landfill site Project and waste residue centralized storage yard project. The waste residue safety landfills include: receiving system, analysis and identification system, seepage control system, leachate drainage system and treatment system, rainwater collecting and drainage system, monitoring system and other public works. The centralized storage yard of waste residue is mainly a stockpile system. The total project inventory was designed to be 3 million 900 thousand cubic meters. These include 3 million 300 thousand cubic meters of waste landfill sites and 600 thousand cubic meters of waste residue stockpiling.


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