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Weifang North control Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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Project overview

The project is located in the Bohai chemical garden of Shouguang Town, Yang Kou Town. The main business is the collection, transportation, storage, treatment, disposal and comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste. The project adopts advanced domestic disposal technology and equipment to achieve ultra low emission standards, and create the best standard, the strongest standardization and the best domestically made disposal center in the domestic industry. The construction of the project will provide hazardous waste infrastructure for different types of enterprises in Shouguang City and reduce the burden of disposal of hazardous waste.

Disposal ability

The service area is Shouguang City and surrounding areas to deal with industrial hazardous wastes in Shouguang City and surrounding areas. Project design and disposal capacity incineration system 18 thousand tons / year, physicochemical disposal system 10 thousand tons / year, safe landfill 20 thousand tons / year.

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